Destination :: Gila River Indian Community

Around 9.30 the crew were packed up and ready to leave Gateway Ranch. Departure was a little reluctant as we had all been captivated with the beauty of the place and the energy of our hosts. It was a shame we couldnít stay around to meet and work with the kids at the Star School. Still we were looking forward to what the Gila River community experience would be and if our impressions of the Star School have only made us determined to return for a longer period in order to work with the kids some time soon.

The drive was a long one, we finally arrived around 4pm, after traffic jams and a couple of stops to stretch our legs and take pretty view pictures along the way.

The Heat:: Rising. And rising..

First impressions

We finally found our destination, the sister building to the Gila Crossing North Campus location (where we will be teaching), which is situated on the edge of the reservation, just outside Phoenix, close to Tempe. We were met by Mike who is the chairman of the board, director of River Children Project 21st Century, Kris Radke and the schoolís principal, Jagdish Sharma. It was immediately obvious that we were back with city people, this was going to be a change from Rez life. Our accommodation for the week is a hotel about half an hour away from the school and about 10 minutes from Tempe. The hotel has a pool

Dinner was in Tempe, after not being allowed into their first choice of location because Jonís international driving license was not enough for the doorman (according to state law it must an Arizona license or your passport) the crew was happy with a Tai restaurant. After dinner it was straight to bed, tired from the drive, the intense heat and the food.