Gila Crossing North Campus location

Project development: Today was a momentous day in one respect the crew arrived early!

The reason for such an occurrence was that Felix and Jon were giving Jagdish a course in the software.

Rez news from NAT Films: The group of students led by Nirit and Annabel have decided to create a news program, Rez news” Today was shoot day. At 9.30 the team left to

NAT (Native American Technology) design: The team led by Gill and Felix are creating a web site. They are mimicking a design company, so their site will show: their services and company profiles and have content such as downloads, games reviews, links, and a space to showcase NAT films. The NAT films content is coming through from Nirits and Annabels team.

Back at the hotel it was an evening of much needed rest and recuperation for the team. Not a lot to report really; laundry was done while chillin by the pool; pizza was eaten on the balcony while the tunes were provided through the crews portable speakers. All followed by an early night.

Diary note: Seems we forgot to mention that Nirit’s luggage was indeed returned to her after the airline lost it at the beginning of the trip. She has been receiving some concerned e-mails. She thanks all for their concern!