Happiness Is…..

The crew ran through the equipment list check and the kids were given a how to handle equipment tutorial. No equipment breaks today.

Project development:

Words project Happiness is..’: The crew worked with small groups of kids in rotation; Annabel focused on editing the images, Murray began on the soundtrack (incorporating the words being spoken), Gill worked on the graphics for the credits.

Web site: Jon and Felix continued working on web site development.

Interview techniques: Nirit began working on interviewing techniques with kids.

Diary and research: Lucy wrote the diary from the first few days, floated between the kids listened to them telling her stories. About their music, their dances and their culture.

Basketball: After Lunch the crews idea that the kids organise a basketball match which would involve preparing all the promotional material and making a film about basketball, was presented to them. They liked it.

Gill began working with Kayla and Trisha on the graphic design for the flyers and t-shirts for the teams. The girls had strong ideas about using traditional design, and symbols from Hopi and Navajo cultures; Murray began working on a soundtrack for the film with student Derek leading the inspiration; Nirit began creating the film with students Bobby, Leandre and LaTonya filming and interviewing; Annabel focused on the editing with Bobby; teacher / student Ramson began researching the history of Basketball in the Hopi culture. Lucy helped with research / inspiration for the graphic design and sound.

The heat: the computer room is given an extra fan. Crew in the conference room are grateful for small mercies.

Crew impressions of the kids so far:

Noisy (Murray); Vibrant (Ray); Absolutely amazing (Annabel); Wicked (Gill); Beautiful (Jon); Future (Felix); Inspiring (Lucy)

I believe the children are our future, teach them well & let them lead the way, quote from Ms Whitney Huston, from Nirit.

Back at Base:

Chinese flavours: A tired but inspired crew arrived back home. Murray, Annabel, Gill and Ray went to eat at a Chinese restaurant on the Navajo reservation. All reservation businesses must be Navajo owned, but there really was a Chinese cook there. Perhaps they are married to a Navajo, the food was exquisite.

Wrestling, fried bread & books.

Jon, Felix, Nirit and Lucy gratefully accepted an invitation to Marcis house. Fried bread and beef stew awaited us. Jon is a vegetarian, but that didnt matter. The star of the evening was the fried bread. Excellent.

Nirit wants to make a short film piece about this special dish. Marci’s son Dorian wrestled with Felix. Not sure Felix was actually winning that one. Afterwards he treated us to his Scottish accent. (Seems this Scottish theme keeps coming back at us.. firstly the chance encounter at Monument Valley, Murrays highway drive, Marci and Dorians obsession ). Marci and Dorian dream of going to Scotland one day. Lucy was happy with Marci’s books of stories. Jon fell asleep on the sofa.