Herman Chee & his amazing hogan

At Moenkopi Youth Program

Project development

Best in the West vs Rez Dawgs: Names have been selected for the Basketball teams. Gills girls are well on their way to a great design for the flyer and t-shirt.

Spoken words: Nirits crew begin editing their interviews; Annabel makes progress editing a promo spot with Bobby; Murray records the vocals for the soundtrack with Ramson and Derek (aka. Sonny);

Once upon a time : Bobby and Rejna select stories they want to tell in English and Hopi.

www.Rezo2.net: Lucy writes and Jon and Felix battle with Dreamweaver software.

The heat: Still no air conditioning the sun was fierce today we have nothing left to sweat until tomorrow.

Out and about – Hermans Hogan

After school the crew set off for Monument Valley and Hermans Hogan. Herman is a Navajo medicine man and an old friend of Jons from previous visits. We arrive just before darkness falls and a spectacular full moon rises. A large tribe of Rez dogs are there to greet us. Some gaze and some buy from Hermans jewellery, conveniently laid out on the Hogan floor. Business over with, the gems are pushed back and the beats begin. 6 drummers and 4 singers, all from Hermans clan take their places in the Hogan. With drums, voices, stories we stay awake and last well into the early morning..

Dawn awakening: Ray is rudely awakened from a perfectly peaceful sleep on a trampoline; the crew tackle squatting on the red sand and Hermans live stock show they are far from camera shy.

The crews experience: Like being back in my favourite photograph” (Annabel);
a reunion with old friends” (Jon);
“took me somewhere else without any additives” (Murray);
“trippy” (Gill);
“different (Ray).