Monument Valley to Tuba City

School run

The team set off from Hermans Hogan around 8am (7am, Hopi time). Coffee, showers and food were on the minds of most. We found our coffee while calling in on old colleague of Jon’s, Luanne Somers at the ETIP centre at Monument Valley High School in Kayenta. ETIP is a centre dedicated to the advancement of use of digital technologies in the classroom. Jon, Ray and Felix end up giving a spontaneous, twenty minute, presentation to a class of school teachers there to learn about ETIP. All this on very little sleep, only one machine coffee and no showers!..

At Moenkopi Youth Program
Project development:

Design: Gill finished off the flyer, poster and t-shirt designs with the girls. Looking good.

Sound: Murray tightened up the soundtrack, laying vocals to the music. Vocals included some Hopi chanting and humorous rap.

Film: Annabel finished off the basketball promo. Lucy worked with Bobby on his story – The Coyote and the Chipmunk” – and Annabel and Nirit filmed the finished script.

Community interview: Lucy and Nirit are taken to meet one of the students grandmothers. They chat to her about the Hopi language in her community today. She tells us her thoughts on the beauty and importance of the Hopi language to her and her community.

Back at Base

A productive household: The crew settle into a late night session trying tto meet the deadline for tomorrow. Nirit is lost in the basketball edit, Jon and Felix repair the website, Murray in bits and beats, Ray is braving a MAC, Lucy writes up some content, Annabel and Gill go through the still images; Shonie and Marci iron on the Rez Dogs” logo onto the t-shirts.

A word from our hosts: Lots of pale skins with creative minds – you guys came here with good intentions towards us and looks like youve achieved it! (Marci).