The day starts in fine style as this time its Ray who takes over the kitchen. Omlettes to be proud of. Eggs for strength, as we prepare to spend the day exploring the desert in Monument Valley.

8 people and around 10 cameras, feeling slightly Japenese, we hit the road. The journey is smooth, we stop for drinks and telephone calls home, Jon and Lucy discuss the green hills of England and the foot & mouth crisis with a Navajo lady selling items by the garage. She asks us what were hear to do. We tell her and she approves.

We call in at Luannes house on the way there. Luanne is a teacher who coordinates at various Native American schools. Shes not home. We leave a pink post it note on the door and carry on. Happy we bought pink and not yellow.

Just before Monument Valley visitor centre we stop and check out some Navajo arts and crafts stalls. The road is dusty and hot. The rocks of Monument Valley rise up in the distance. We feel like were in a film set. We are looking for Herman, an old friend of Jons who sells jewellery here..hes not there but we chat to his nephew. Nirit films and Nirit and Lucy interview him. He tells us the stories depicted on the jewellery. In Navajo and English.

We drive on and up into Monument Valley. To say it takes your breath away is an understatement.