Our first sunrise on the reservation

Our first sun rise on the Rez and cameras are already in hand, Jon interviews Ray about why we are here. After a late breakfast our host Shonie took a jet lagged crew out to a local flea market. We encounter the hot, dry desert air for the first time.

We explore food, herbs, jewellery, t-shirt designs. We chat to some locals and taste the local fried bread, mutton and stew. Then the dust devils stand up to attention, as a sand storm begins to blow. We head for cover in the van, taking a drive up to a higher spot for our first team view. Stunning desert rocks, looking like they’ve been carefully air brushed in gradual tones of sand red orange. The cameras come out and we sit in wonder clicking away.

Back in the van we follow the road round to the famed dinosaur tracks, there’s a fossilised egg there too. Murray is convinced it’s ‘Diloafasaurous’ tracks. Nirit experimented with some new imprints for future generations to find fossilised Nikisaurous. Back at base, the techies got their computers out, the projector came out and Shonie’s white wall became a cinema screen.

Shonie takes Nirit on a magic car ride. Nirit explores.

Shonie becomes the star of the day as Jon interviews our host.

We explore the local supermarket, return home and make the household discovery of the trip so far – Felix is an unbelievably good cook. We leave him in the kitchen. The result is delicious.

That night the crew experience their first taste of local tradition that is still very much alive. Marcy escorts a tired but curious group to a Squaw dance ceremony.


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