San Manuel Rotary Club presentation – 7am !?

The day began with the crew’s favourite thing an early morning start. 7 a.m. and a fresh faced bunch were down at the local Rotary club to give a presentation about why they are here and what exactly it is they are doing with the town’s students. Apparently the mission of The Rotary Foundation is to support the efforts of Rotary International in the achievement of world understanding and peace through local, national, and international humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs”.

The Rez02 presentation went down well and the breakfast laid on was greatly appreciated by all.

At School

Project development: The first part of the morning was spent checking out the remaining locations for the students ghost story film. One of the locations they went to explore was the now abandoned junior school. The school has been empty for a year, ever since the number of pupils attending dramatically dropped following the closure of the mine.

This location was so good and the students were so well prepared (theyd even brought their costumes and props with them) that the test shoot promptly turned into the real thing and the crew shot two full scenes for the film on the spot.

When the Clock Stops: After lunch the students continued storyboarding and developing visual angles for future scenes they also came up with the name for the film: When the clock stops.

This group has amazed Annabel, shes never worked with such organized students! Equally impressive has been the way the students operate as a group, very supportive of each one anothers various talents.

On this day: While Annabel and Gill worked with the industrious storyboarding group, Jon and Nirit organized a second film to work on. This film that will explore the day the mine closed down, June 23rd 1999. Nirit will work closely with Raquel, an older student who will learn the ropes and be left with the skills to continue the exploration with the younger students when the crew have left. Other students and community members will tell the day as they remember it.

After School

More location spotting: Jon and Nirit went to check out the mine area itself for shooting there early in the morning. Others worked and rested at Bob’s place.

Little Mexico: Dinner was about a 15 minute drive away in another small town called Mammoth or Little Mexico’ (so called because of the majority Mexican community. We dinned at Alicias Cafe. A very basic place atmosphere wise, the food more than made up for it – delicious! Full we returned to Bobs to work a little more, then it was an early night for some while others stayed up working.