Completion of Gila projects

Felix and Gill spent the day putting the finishing touches to NATs web site and Gill worked on further design to the REZ02 web site. Annabel edited the final cut of some of REZ news features with Brenalee: They cut a piece about a local fried bread stall, which has been on the same spot for the past five years and is known as the Silver Bullet” and a sports report on what has turned out to be the game of the Rez – basketball. Some of the focus was on the trainers they wear around this area that are called, AND1’. Apparently, the name is taken from a term used in the game when there has been a foul. Brenalee demonstrated a natural ability to edit.

Murray finished off the news jingles and interviewed George the local policeman about his efforts to keep the cultural heritage of this community alive. The stress of deadlines was eased during the day with a Fizzy rockets activity (involving sodium bicarbonate and water), which Anthony filmed. This activity went down so well and the film looked so good that Nirit, Anthony and Daniel worked on the fast edit to this in the afternoon and it was inserted as a fun news’ item on REZ News. At the end of the day the work was shown to a room full of students, teachers and a couple of parents. All were impressed.

After packing up at the school a tired crew headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a while before most headed out to the karaoke bar next to the hotel. The bar manager apparently hates the karaoke as he has to put up with an assortment of people who think they can sing – three times a week. Tonight he had the pleasure of Felix crooning away. According to Annabel, the whole experience reminded her of a Denis Potter film. To finish the evening off the crew got chatting to the security guard who, naturally, asked where they were from? -England, replied Annabel, thinking that she would avoid being too specific, as he would not know where Hull is. To their surprise he replied that, when he was in the Navy, he had spent a great deal of time in Hull. Not only had he spent time there it is also one of his favorite places in the world. Just proves again that you never really know who youre talking to.