First day at school

First day at school

It was our first day with the kids and after just one day
I think the films the kids produce are going to be very special.

The kids are all super keen and have already planned what they are going to shoot.

This afternoon i went with a small group into town to interview two people who where suggested as been potentially very good people to interview.

One of the guys, an 84 year old was very excited to see us. he got out his scrap books of all the people he’s had as guests at his home and these included the Queen and Prince Phillip, Mother Terresa, Omar Shairif, the list is endless. He showed us the photos to prove it.

We’re gonna go back after school tomorrow and interview him properley. we were a little unprepared question wise when we saw him today.

We start at 5:30am tomorrow with a surf shoot at sunrise on George Harrison’s and Peter Seller’s old beach. A different group of kids that want to show in their films some of the fun stuff teenagers do out here.

Another good film I’m thinking.

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