Gibsonís experience

The last two days since I started this workshop has been WOW.† I’ve learnt how to opperate different types of video-camera,digital-camera and new computer skills.


I’ve been with Jon the most and he’s great.

Joining this workshop has been a good way to get out of the class and do some interesting stuff which may come into good use in the future.

Murray has also been great and his been teaching us the audio stuff to go with go with our movies that were making based on seycheles.

We’ve also done some sight seeing tothe missionlodge at Sans Sousi, the Market in town and the Botanical Garden. On Tuesday 24 the GAME (Gibson,Alex,Marcel,Eddy) group got the chance to interview Mr Jivan, an absolutely amazing man who had quite a lot of stories to tell us .

So far we have gotten 2 beautiful videos of the Sunrise and the Sunset.