Marcel’s Experience

This is the first camera and video recording experieces that i have ever had. We have done a few interviews and made a few short recordinggs for our documetory on the seychelles.
We have also learnt to use the equipement which is the cam recorders and the digital cameras.
The teachers have shown us the different kinds of shots and angles that you have with film making.


Our first real shot was an interview with the owner of Temoolgees department store, Ms Oliarji, where we asked her about tthe government and the problems of dealing in the seychelles. Our second one was the sunset at Beau Vallon beach where we setup equipement and took the whole setting we the speeded it up and a beautiful sunset can be seen in about a minute and a half.
Signing off a would like to thank Jon and Murry who has been patient at all times and we are all greatful that they took the time to teach us what they know.