Seychelles Eve

It’s the eve of the project trip to Seychelles and we’re just relaxing with a whisky and coke round at Murrays in Stoke Newington.  Plane lifts to the skies Friday eve around 9:30 and drops into the indian ocean Saturday morning.

We’ve even organised a venue to watch the FA cup on Saturday afternoon.

Our multimedia workshops with the International School on Mahe are scheduled to start on Monday morning, so enough time to adjust
to the new surrounds and climate.

“Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, far from African coast, a bunch of islands offers to its visitors a range of tastes, smells and visions at the crossroad of Asia and Africa. Whatever you are looking for – white sandy beaches, rocky mountains, luxuriant forests or plain deserts – you’ll be fully satisfied.
If your fascination relates to snorkelling in coral reefs, trekking, or birdwatching in a unique nature, you will enjoy what you’ll discover there.

Away from commercial ways, those countries : Madagascar , Seychelles , Mauritius and Reunion Island , thanks to their isolation, preserved among their inhabitants an incomparable kindness.”