We are currently preparing the final edits with the kids from The International School & National College For The Arts.
The project is coming to a close now and we have the film screenings for parents, students and invited guests on Tuesday 7th June @ 4pm at The International School.

The TV station is coming down as well as the newspaper and a selection of invited guests who have been instrumental in organising and funding this project.

The kids have produced 10 short films in total over a period of 14 days. They range in themes from environmental, political and cultural to healthy eating & beach life. The quality of work produced has really impressed us. The committment from the kids at the very start of the project led us to believe the end content would be something very special, and it is…

We arrive back in the UK late Thursday 9th June and as soon as we have a stable internet connection we will upload the kids films to Cafesociety.org website for all to see.