Message from Franklin

Hereís a posting from our fine friend Franklin who has looked after us like a brother. I know heíd want me to edit this at some point and help him to improve his already excellent English, but for now Iíll leave it as it is because I can hear his voice in in his writing.

My experience in Meeting with Jon, Matt and Murray in Sierra leone

Over the week, it has being so wonderful and fantastic for me to met with the above names.
I actually feel motivated, connect, educated and inspired by the their smooth and sound steadfastness. These made a big change in me and impact a positive change in my local community here in Sierra Leone.

I also realised that they are here to help teach us about video and journal articles, and they definitely did that throughout their outstanding devotion.

Their intervention in Sierra Leone allowed a throng of youths to flock in the iEARN centre and I think they have basically reached our needs of expectations that I know can bring us into the lime light of success and open-up new windows and doors of opportunities around the tale-globe.

What makes the work of their visitation in Sierra Leone Viable is that, itís directly targeting our young people in iEARN Sierra Leone to be able to face challenges in life, solve problems and build their capacity for better and feature leadership potential, well by means of teaching how to use video and editing, as well as writing journals for blog publications.

These can also reach a far effect to capacitate our carrier and play a significant progress in addressing issues of vital for our time example, peace and human rights, conflict resolution, youth employment and sustainability development etc.

We are so excited about our recent progress in learning and sharing the complementary of education through video and journals writings for the blog publications,
In aim, these is all done in order to achieve our best goals in the feature. Reason why because young people are the best investment of these nations everywhere and even in history, so they most remain with education permanently as itís so paramount in life.

What do they students like to gain from their education is that, learning about important skills that is so educative: such skills are learning our to do documentaries, filming, be poetic in writing skills journals, making new friends all-over the globe, knowing how to contribute to the blog account, sharing the complementary experience of different cultures, dressing, foods, back-ground etc.
That I believe can make a difference of vital learning.

Responsibility: these is a smooth and good task of application that involves patient understanding, caring, considerable, security, timing, devotions and accountability transparency for glaring knowledge. To me, itís sound incredible, it brings me closer in learning how to become a good father for a home in the future and straight leadership outstanding.

I wholehearted say thanks to three wonderful and energetic parent who have finally distinguish themselves in recognition of the world showing clearly how figure they are, as they have built up a positive profile and presented a clean slate around the globe.

These has projected all-over the world and again these time round turn up in Sierra Leone Freetown.