Some of the kids writing

If I was president

Jonathan F Marrah

“I believe that information communication technology is the best way to improve the country. Even though they are other tele-communications in our country, but yet still feel they need more improvement.
“Number two point is have transportation. If I was a president in this country I should have improve the way of transport.

How can I improve this?
1- by construction of good road all over the country.
2 – by providing government bus for the nation.
3 – I will make sure that I provide petrol so that people will pay low rate of transport to bring goods from the provinces.
“I thank you.”

Ibrahim Vandi – A/A Secondary School

“…provide things which will make the country become neat and fine like the means of providing electricity, water supply, good schools, good roads, farming, good hospitals, public toilets, dustbin for emptying cabages and all sorts of rubbish, good means of transportation, allow in foreign investors, avoidance of illiteracy, provide good security to life and properties of the citizens, and fight against poverty, the protection of human rights… I must try to live in peace, unity and justice.”

Salim B Yokie – Prince of Wales School

“The first thing is the attitude of the people in Sierra Leone, both morally and spiritually. The immoral of the people in Sierra Leone is very high. Take a look at our brothers and sisters in country, the way the dress and their behaviour is not good. They are polluting the nations and the country at large. What belong to male is female, likewise what belong to female is male in the manner of dressing.”

My shopping list for Sierra Leone

Aiah Samuel Lebbie –
Prince of Wales School

1) I will buy electric powers to generate the entire country.
2) I will buy ships and ferries in order to improve sea transportation.
3) Buying of aeroplanes.
4) I will buy a lot of vehicles that can be in any conner of the country.
5) Building of more stadia as we presently only have one.
6) Improving our airport and build new ones.
7) Construction of roads and mansions.
8) Build of schools and educational institutes as learning brings all sorts of developments.

So these are some of my hopes and dreams about my country Sierra Leone and I hope and believe that one day they will come to pass.

Basiru Adesina

“First of all I must start by saying Sierra Leone is not as it was. The economy has collapsed, sporting activity has deteorated. The National power authority is not as it was, political problems everywhere and also unusual courses arises etc. And so if I was to shop for Sierra Leone it is a very big load for the person who is to do it.”

Bai Bamgura

1) To bring unity among people
2) Better food security
3) To bring peace in the country
4) Better electricity supply
5) Good education
6) Cleaniness of the country
7) Stop violence/corruption in the country
8) Rebuilding of roads
9) Bringing job opportunities
10) The development of justice in the country.

There’s much more of this work, which I’ll post onto the blog at a later date when we return, but that should give you some idea about the earnest and heartfelt feelings of kids here. We’ll do the same exercise in Hull schools when we get back. It’ll be fascinating to compare the results.

In amongst the sheaf of papers, I found a letter which one of the iEARN kids had passed to me, but which I’d not had the chance to read.

It’s cracked my heart open, yet again. I’ll keep his identity to myself for now. Here’s a little of what he wrote.

“I want to go back to school but I have nobody to care for me and my school fees. If I not get my education my eyes are open but I am blind because am not educated.
“Please Mr Matt, help me for my future. I have no father and mother and I am the only son.
“The war affect me seriously. I am suffering of poverty for my education and my living. Poverty is sucking my blood. Please Mr Matt, help me and the Lord will help you.
“From the day I saw you with my eye I always dream about you and I always pray for me and you. MAY GOD GUARD YOU.”