Cocktails at The British High Commissioners Yard

Well well, who would have thought i would be raising a glass to celebrate the Queens birthday this week.
I certainly didn’t….

I received an invite to the cocktail party which was held at the residence of the British High Commissioner to Seychelles,
Diane Skingle.

The cocktail party was to celebrate the Queens 80th birthday.

After school Martin and myself headed home to watch the Korea vs. Togo game.

As I walked out of the house and onto the balcony I could hear a faint rendition of – ‘God Save The Queen’.
The band next door were obviously practising before their performance of the national anthem later.

Martin conveniently lives next door to the BHC’s residence so it was a quick 5 minute walk through the neighbourhood of Bel Air
passing by the growing line of traffic heading up the hill side to the party. The police had even turned up to try monitor and assist
with the increasing traffic trying to access the front gates.

Many large cars with a range of international flags flying from their near side wings indicated that this cocktail party was going to
be filled with The Seychelles ‘a’ list of dignitries and foreign officials. I was not wrong….

On entering the party I joined the que to be welcomed & greeted, in a very official way, by Diana, the British High Commissioner.

After grabbing a pint from the closest hostess we started to mingle and meet a number of very interesting people..

First up was the CEO of Airtel, who coincidently had just viewed the films that very afternoon which the kids from International School
had produced for his campaign to launch the Airtel 3G network. He was very very happy with the commercials and asked if we
would produce more of the same for him..