Praslin Day Trip

Our project is to produce a short documentary film for the potential opening of an International School on Praslin.

6.45 about the time i arrived at the airport, shortly after Jon and Alex arrived. The checkin was at 7am and we took off from Mahe airport at 7.30. Wow wot a view! green and blue as the plane took off from Mahe and landed in Praslin. The trip forn island to island took 10 mins.

As we walked out of the airport our next task ws to find the car hire guy. We thought we found him, from the way he replied “Hey dude, whats your car hire called?” – ” Prestige” the man replied ” Yeps that’s our guy” Alex said. We went through the whole process of hiring that vehicle, then found out it was the wrong guy as he asked us to pay. In the end the right company was Ostrald.

Emilia who was going to be our guide for the day and show us around, had organised the day for us. She made up a timetabled list of all the people we had to interview and meet. The weather was absolutley horrible, it was pouring with rain, not the beach holiday your imagining eh?

Got into the jeep, to eat at Indian ocean Lodge. Me and Alex stuffed ourselves.

Took the jeep to Janessa, then went to the Vallee De Mai. Slapped on some mosquito repellent and filmed the forest. Got out with some bites here and there. The Vallee De Mai contained unique species of planets such as the coco de mer found only in the Seychelles. There was the praslin bird, black parrot was in the prehistoric forest too.

Chris Gill, a guy with an american accent, was our first interview. He had a chocolate house like in Hansel and Gretal. This guy owned a guest house, with a faboulous view of the sea.

Next shot was with Pierre, a hotel manager. He was relaxed and the film went smooth. Pierre was a seychellois who was from a family of 8, and he had goen to the seychelles colledge to study. He was the luck one, and wanted the same thing for his daughter.

Emilia, an argentinian , her interview was long cause as i had to hold the mic. She owned a guest house. Then, we headed off to the Black Parrot for dinner and interviewed an indian couple called Kumar. That woman thought that eating carrots made you see in the dark. The hotel manger Bart Labuschagene’s interview was cool and the last. Funny guy he was, he quickly ran off get back to business.

After that we headed of to the airport, where we saw some unicef work, about child rights, was touching. The fight took of at 5 pm and off we headed back to mahe, me Alex and Jon. Dats all folks.