Kids evaluations


I thought that yesterday was interesting as we found out what happened in Sierra Leone. How the citizens there got on with their life.

I found it interesting, the fact that the people living in Freetown loved singing. It was what they did with their life and the fact that they presented it in streets or anywhere.

I liked watching the videos from the people over in Sierra Leone because you found out what their life was like.

We found out about a boy who was made to kill people in the civil war when he was 8. It was shocking, the fact that people who were made to kill in the war are now looked down on and thought of as bad citizens.

It was hard to listen to Sidibay telling his story of when he was younger and what happened to 7his family just before he was made to carry an ak.47 rifle around and kill people.

We came up with our ideas on what we would like to be when we are older, our aspirations.
We came up with ideas about what could happen locally and nationally and even internationally.

In the afternoon we made a video of ourselves explaining who we are and what we would like to happen with ourselves and the world. My aspiration for when I am older is to be a Language Translator.


I thought it was interesting and good the way we found out what people in Sierra Leone lived their life.

The way they woke up did jobs around the house and some people went fishing to catch their breakfast then if there was left over fish they would sell it for money. One person went around house to house asking for jobs because they had no family or money.

In return they would get either a meal or a little bit of money. We even found out on one of the stories, the person who was going house to house didn’t get any money or a meal on a few of the houses because they found out he was a war child.


I thought the videos really opened our eyes to how people live in Sierra Leone. Many people lived in huts in which some didn’t have toilets.

We realize the things we have that the people in Sierra Leone don’t have. It makes us feel grateful and spoilt.

The videos were really moving because of the child soldier. It isn’t nice for a man to be a soldier, never mind a child. It makes me feel as though I want to do something about it. (Becca)

I thought it was alright. The videos were interesting, they told you what their lives were like in Sierra Leone.

However I was expecting a bit more. I thought it was alright because I thought there would be more things to do.


I liked watching the videos of the rappers. They didn’t need music to be able to rap.

They rapped in the streets or in a sports area. This was amazing because when you watched them rapping they didn’t use music.

I liked the filming we did in the afternoon. It was fun because we were able to take it in turns to use the camera and the sound.


I found it interesting and surprising. I found it surprising the way the Sierra Leone people coped. We would give up whereas they carry on going.

I found it interesting, the fact that they got up in a morning and went fishing or went to do jobs around houses before school.

I also found that they had to walk half a mile to get to their school. This is surprising because most of us only have to walk across the road.

We also have buses and cars in which we can have a ride into get to school. This is easier for us however it fasinating how you walk the half a mile to school.


I enjoyed all of the day. Although i thought the best part was the afternoon when we was filming and got to control the sound and the camera.

I enjoyed watching the videos because we found out more about the people living in Freetown. Many of the people were rapping without music which was really interesting.

People in England always rap with music. They find it easier however they do rapping for a hobbie.


I found it really intertesting especially in the morning. It was great watching the people in Sierra Leone rapping.

We found out how talented these people are. They do this to be able to get a job in the singing career.

I think the people feel if they can get into a job in singing or a job in which they can be able to either move out of that city or out of the country would be good.


I liked the filming. I liked to find out about the people. How they lived. Where they lived. What they did during the day.

I also liked watching the Sierra Leone citizens rapping. I also liked the dancing. The way they danced. How they danced. Also how they rapped and what they rapped about.


I thought the morning was boring. There was too much talkin involved. However I liked the videos we watched of the Sierra Leone civilians.

I thought the afternoon was great though because I learnt how to use the camera.

We got to use the sound and camera equipment too. I enjoyed watching the play backs of us being filmed. I enjoyed it more because I was watching it with my best pal Lewis.


I found this experience interesting. We found out about the Sierra Leone people.

I liked listening to the rapping and my favourite rap is ‘dis year’. I like this rap along with Becky and Paige.


I thought the videos were interesting. We found out many things about the people who live in Sierra Leone.

It wasn’t very enjoyable listening to Sidibay telling us his story of why and how his family died. It was on this that we found out he was a war child.

I did enjoy the afternoon because it was fun using the camera and the sound equipment.