If I was Prime Minister- by Claire Cutts

I would stop taxes and make homeless people get a job. People who are unable to work, the government shall pay for.

I would make things cheaper in the UK.
I would ban smoking in public areas, people shall only smoke in their homes.

I would make sure that more bins were placed around the UK to prevent pollution.
I would ban illegal drugs from being sent into the UK.

I would make the price of going to university cheaper.
I would ban debt.

I would bring back capital punishment if the accused is found guilty of murder etc.

I would support gay marriage and make it legal in the UK.

If a child is abused, the abuser shall be sent to prison and banned from having any further children.
I would bring back the cane in all schools across the UK. This would insure correct behaviour in schools.

I would reduce the cost of bus fares in the UK.
I would make internet access free.

I would stop illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from entering the UK.
I would make sure there were fire alarms and burglar alarms in every home.

I would make a national holiday called “Daughters Day”. It would be placed around either March or September time. I would also create a “Son’s Day” this would be around the same time as Daughter’s day,It would be during the same week.