if i was primeminister- by James Patrick

if i was primeminister- by James Patrick

If I was the Prime Minster I would make and equal law. Which would make all things equal in the Court of law e.g.: if a man murders another man the man who committed the crime will be murdered.

Secondly I would I would decrease pollution by increasing the fine if you are caught committing the crime and I will put more police officers patrolling the streets to witness the crimes in action.

Next I would bring back the cane as I believe it will improve grades in the school and will decrease the amount of silliness.

I would give homeless people a free education so they have a qualification so they can get a job so they can earn money so they can eventually buy somewhere to live and not be homeless again.

Fourthly I would stop charities from keeping some of the money that people donate to people that have breast cancer and give all the money to that cause.

james patrick