Matt on yesterday’s work…

Busy day, hectic schedules.

First thing was to develop and organise all of the work we’d started on the previous day: big lists of hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions – personal, local, national and international.

Then looking at how we could handle those ideas with interviews, words, still images and film.

We were also visited by guests from Creative Partnerships, and everyone in the group presented and discussed their work – very intelligent comments, very articulate – well done everybody.

We did lots more work during the afternoon – different groups out and about around the school site interviewing teachers, others working on the blog, writing lists about favourite things, things we love and hate, looking at photos by Martin Parr and Richard Billingham – preparation work for taking digital cameras home to take pictures which will give an insight into our lives here in Hull (keeping in mind that the audience for the work will be kids in Sierra Leone).

Naturally, one or two problems along the way – as usual, mainly of the technical variety. One of the video cameras stopped working which left us a little short of resources, and the particularly hot weather meant the classroom was stuffy and hot, everyone’s concentration drifted a little toward the end of the day…

But hey, not really a problem. Working with problems and finding a creative solution is all part of the fun.