My Questionair!

1. What is your favourite thing in the world and why?

Erm… probably Danny cos he is the person that makes me happy =D

2. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

I’d say my bedroom, cos its comfy and were i get ready and chill out when i’m stressed lol

3. Where is your worst place in the world and why?

My worst place would probably be, my caravan! Well i ant got it no more but i used to hate going sometimes on my own with my parents because it used to be soo boring and espeshally when my mate Lora couldn’t come!

4. Where do you think the ugliest place in the world is and why?

Erm… my garage, as much as i love it and ad some great laughs in it, it is ugly lol. Its really big but its dark and spider-fested! and its cramped with a load ov crap, like old signs, my dads tralor, paint, tools, workbench and loads more stuff!

5. Where do you think the best place in the world is?

I would say.. Hull all togetha! Cos its the place were i spend time with my mates, danny, my family! Its also the place i live, go to school and shop!! So i wunt say i’d wanna live anywhere else at the minute but that will change in future lol.

6. What things do you love and hate most?

The things i love most are, My friends my family and the person thats most close to me ;) i also love, friday and saturday nights cos i always go out somewhere and ava right laff! I love my pets aswel, and havin girly nights eatin shite food lol! The things i hate most are SPIDERS! I have a huge phobia on them and utha annoyin bugs lol. I hate people who get on my nerves cos i have a really short temper at certain times of the months lol, and i hate arguin and things going wrong! Oh and i also love hot weather, being on holiday and BEACHES! and money.

7. What are your fears?

Erm… my fears are gettin fat! Spiders, gettin embarrased really bad infront of everyone i know and any of my nightmares coming true, and being tortured to death!

8. What are your dreams and why?

My dreams are to become everything i wish for, i want to become a graphics designer, and earn lots of moneys so i can travel the world later on in life, because i want to have loads of great memories when im older and want to expierence the world! I want to become a graphics designer because its something i enjoy doing.

9. What are your hopes?

The same as my dreams!

10. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?

Erm… i haven’t really achieved much to say, i am only 14 at the end of the day, but probably gettin good SAT’s results?

11. What are your ambitions for the future?

Erm travelling the world definatly, and gettin the perfect job for me :)