Our Media Week

Our week of film-making has been intersesting up till now. I’m looking forward to seeing the end product, and seeing me, Chelsey and Vicky in the photos and the film, interviewing the teachers haha! This film will be going to Searra Leone which is a country in Africa, so the people there can see what school life is like in Hull and England. The film is mainly on racism and hopes and aspirations, of us.

Day 1, we sat in the ICT suite in Dorchester, (which is part of Winifred Holtby school, but part of it is a primary, and students from wini can study here aswell) We was watching films from teenagers in Freetown (capital of Searra Leone) , The teenages there rapped and danced on the films and it was really good to see what they like doing and what they did for a living which was, fishing for money or food. We also wrote on paper what our hopes/aspirations were and our local, national and internations dreams were! Then later in the afternoon, we got filmed solo, saying our name, age, what we liked doing and our dreams were.

Day 2, we traveled around the school doing interviews with teachers and learing how to work the camara.I interviewed Miss Northen who is a Graphics teacher, because my aspirations are to do something in Graphic Design. It was quite good doing interviewing on film! It was funny to see how nervous some of the teachers were seeing how confident they useally are in class. We also took pictures of us all working the camara and us doing the interviews with the teachers, and other stuff like things around the school which would interest the people from Searra Leone.

Day 3, today we have gone doing a couple last interviews again, and we have completed doing the mains of the filming. We have took the last of photos i think. We are now just building up the blog, and soon we will be editing the film and adding more material to it!

It been great doing this media project and a good experience!