Rebekah: What we did on Thursday

Today we started to finish off our filming in the morning and some people went out and took more pictures with the digital cameras of different destinations in the school. Some pictures where positive and some negative to balance and show (hopefully) the true ‘Winifred holtby’ .
After break we continued with this and some people begun working on our ‘blogs’ and writing about what they would do if they where prime minister and updating any account of yesterday.
During the afternoon we split into three groups so that we could really get things done ads time was ticking away!!! One group did more work with the blogger- writing articles about the school and drawing comparisons between this school and African schools this group worked with Matt, the next group working with Jon helping and learning how to edit the filming we had already done to give it more of a proffesional feel, the last group went out with digital cameras again. When told by the people on the Blogs what they needed to add a picture to their blog the people with the cameras went out to get it.
Toward the end of the day we listened to more of the African Filming and some more of our own while going on Flickr to access and view our photos from the digital cameras.
The whole thing is beginning to pull together andtake more of a shape. Tommorrow the finishing touches will be made and i think that it should be fantastic. It has certainly been great so far- it’s really interesting and i have learnt a lot about journalism (one of my ambitions for the future) and even quite a lot about camera’s and photography which is very useful. I hope we can have more projects that get us involved and allow us the freedom to go out and take videos and photos for a purpose!!!
By Rebekah Palmer