Steph’s days

On the 2nd day we all had out photos taken to put on out flickr site. 4 people from my group went out to take pictures of the school that we needed for out video, they were me, Paige, Claire and Rebekah. We took pictures of good things and bad things about our school and aslo things that the school could change to make the community a better place.

While we was doing this the rest of our group filled in a checklist of photographs they wanted to take for their blog. The other group went around school interviewing teachers to put in their video. When we went home everyone took the pictures they needed and brought them back to school tody.

When we arrived at school today all our pictures were uploaded on the flickr site. Danny, a person in our group, was editing some of our photos to make them fun. He made Beckyl and Lewis into devils.

While he was doing that James, Lewis and Alex chose a list of sites that would link to what we are doing. they chose some sites with some fun games on and some photo sites.

Me and Paige went around school making appointments with teachers to interview them and Claire, Becky and Becca helped the other gruop to finish off their interviews.

When we came back i had to interview Paige on what her favourite things were and her hopes and dreams for the future. We have all interviewed each other to put on the blog.

This afternoon we are hoping to finish off our interviews and our pictures, people will be going around school getting that done while the rest of us finish off on the computer. By tomorrow we should have edited all the film and it should be ready to see.