Lansana Mansaray AKA :: Barmmy Boy

I was born and grew up in Freetown, I am from an extended family.
I start life on my own at the age of eleven, I worked for different people
just for me to acquire money to pay for my education.
I also do jobs like fishing, petty trading etc, whilst living on my own and with friends.

The brutal civil in Sierra Leone set things behind for me, I was out of school for years, most of the houses in my community were burnt by the rebels and some of my friends were killed (Abdulia, Mohamed, Fisher etc).
I lost my elder sister (Sarah Mansaray) and also my younger brother, my father
has lost his sight, my mother is a petty trader and nursing my younger

In May 2006 I meet with Jon, Matt and Murray ( through IEARN Sierra Leone, in Freetown.

The work of is to adhere towards developing the talent of young people and also help to promote their voice internationally, they also create the platform for youths to tell their stories, views, ideas and also show case their talents through video and music and also help to provide, media training for the young people in Sierra Leone.
To say the least, video and music have played a vital role in my life, to help me deal with the trauma and healing process after the civil war.

The young people in Sierra Leone spent ten years of their time worthlessly, due to the ten year civil war and what we need now is empowerment, skills that will help us make ends meet in the future.

The youth makes up a large proportion of the population, but there is high rate of illiteracy and lack of skills, which is a big problem, as a result, there is a lot of idleness. Our talents are wasting.

This is leading to an increase in crime rate and also drug abuse. I strongly believe that media training will help us to be self sustainable, reduce the indignity of begging and it will also help us to make ends meet

For us and our families in the future it will help us make a better Sierra Leone as
many of us are now engaging ourselves in the growing filming and the music industry after the war.

We the young people have been longing for our voice to reach an international audience, we have the talent to make it if we are given the opportunity, we will make a difference in the world and Sierra Leone in particular, this will also help to change the negative idea that people out side have about Sierra Leone.
They know us only for the brutal civil war.

It is the time for the young people of Sierra Leone to think locally and act globally.

In my country there is know school for music or video production,
but it is dream of mine to become a music producer in the future.