Sulaiman Kargbo


School: Methodist Boys High School Freetown

Home address: No, 98 Bai Bureh Road, Kissy, Freetown.

I was born in Yoni Chiefdom, in a village called Mathoir, in the North of Sierra Leone.

One day I was going to school, when I heard the rumor that the rebels where planning an attack. On the 3rd of March 1995 the rebels attacked the rural areas of Kono district, they started to cut people’s hands and feet off, they burnt houses and killed the innocent people, destroying properties as a result.
I was forced to move from one place to another to save my life.

With regards the work or (Jon, Matt and Murray), they came and gave us knowledge about the media, they taught us about video camera work, they also came and helped us develop our talent in music, video (filming) and also creative writing.

These skills can help to develop our local creative talents into a higher level.
Media training can help us to develop our local talent in music, writing poems or stories, and making videos ,it is very important for the young people to have an international voice..

It is important for the young people to reach an international audience because it will give us the opportunity to develop our country, Sierra Leone.

My main ambition is to become an international musician at the top of the world map, I also want to become a lawyer.