Freetown Football

During our visit to Freetown in May we worked with the iEARN football team to produce a short film about football and how it affects young people in Sierra Leone. We interviewed many young people about their thoughts on football and how it has helped heal wounds left over from the recent civil war.


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  1. liz November 27, 2006 at 14:12

    Lots of people interested in these sorts of films – I get enquiries from Teachers TV and sometimes from BBC – who are you working with at the moment?
    Are there more schools in Sierra Leone who would like partner schools in UK? If so I could help with this.
    Sport as a supporter for education (and rehabilitation) see our section
    We try to work with iEARN too – a lot more schools in the UK should be involved! Could you give me a video promo that I could flag up to UK schools wanting to get involved?

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