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British Council - Freetown

Today was our first day of workshops at the British Council, wed set off a little late as we had the good fortune of having internet connection in our rooms before breakfast. One thing weve learnt about the internet here is take advantage while its up. An old colleague of mine use to refer to unstable internet connections as being like a brides night dress. Literally up and down all the time.

During every trip to Africa weve always been amazed by the enthusiasm and desire to learn new skills by the young people we work with. Today was no exception. We had 17 kids all eager to learn new media and film making skills, all full of ideas for films they wanted to make.

Weve been planning these workshops for some months now and with the help Barmy Boy we were able to get in touch with the kids before we arrived and gave them briefs to help them develop their film ideas before we arrived.

kids with enthusiasm

We have split the young people into 3 groups and we are hoping each group will produce their own short film. Some of the young people we have worked with before on previous trips. It was a great surprise to learn that Studio D, an independent music studio had signed up for the workshops.