First day filming in Freetown

First day filming

Its bloody hot here, electricity comes on when it feels like it and the internet, well, your guess is as good as mine. Saying all that, however, we have managed to upload content to the blog and flickr.

Barmmy Boy and friends

The kids are so grateful and excited to have us working with them. Itís very humbling as is every trip to this country. We’ve had one lad who’s 14, although to look at him you would think he’s about 9, the rebels cut his right leg off at the knee during the war when he was about 8, he travels 25 miles a day [each way] on public transport to get from Wellington to Freetown.

interviews on the street

He comes here to try beg for money and food, if he gets enough for food and transport he makes it back to his mum on a night, if not he sleeps rough in the streets. He is a friend of Barmmy Boy and Barmmy invited him to take part in our workshops.

everyone has a story

Like every one here, they all have very touching and moving stories of survival to tell and always with a strong element of faith and determination to succeed.

Our Freetown film crew