Freetown Film Festival

Friday was the first day of the first ever Freetown Film Festival and we managed to make it to the opening symposium event. It soon became clear that the many attendees had heard about the festival via the UN radio interview we did on Wednesday night along with Ian Noah, director of the festival.

I had many people approach me asking if they could join our film making programme at the British Council, again they’d heard on the UN radio show details of what we are doing here in Freetown and wanted to participate in the project. So much enthusiasm and a want and need to take part in a project that will give new skills to those who participate.

Later in the day we worked at Studio D, helping them to produce a documentary about the Sierra Leonean music industry. We heard stories of how when the rebels came to town they burnt down the studio and looted all the equipment. Presently Studio D exists in the charred shell of what was once their studio. I had a tour around the upstairs of the building and saw first hand the devastation caused by the RUF when they entered Freetown.