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I woke up today with a stinking head ache, it must have been the never ending long night journey helped along with several cans of imported Heineken beers.

Barmmy boy arrived nice and early at the hotel to welcome us and give us a brief update on how many kids had signed up for the film workshops.

We had a very special surprise for him. On our last trip to Freetown in September he had produced a song with a group of young girls and purposefully included the words Pride Freedom Belief and Change in the lyrics, these are the 4 core themes for the Wilberforce 2007 celebrations back home in Hull.

We filmed the girls singing the song and knew instantly how beautiful, strong and important the song would become. We showed the short film to a whole range of people on our return back to the UK. It was soon decided that Wilberforce House would like to show the film at the re-opening of the museum as part of an interactive West African room exhibition; and so they offered us a fee for the use of the content.

This fee was spent on a brand new Sony Vaio laptop for Barmmy Boy, fully loaded with creative software and applications, which we have just had the great pleasure in presenting to him. He was so so happy and appreciative of the new laptop. We know he will use this ‘gift’ to further the creative development of young people in Salone and we’re proud of him for that.


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