Jollof Rice for breakfast

We head out to Franklyn’s favourite fast food cafe Chicken Champ and order Jollof Rice for lunch with vegetables, no chicken, no ham, no meat, or fish, just vegetables please, and some ridiculously hot homemade pepper sauce.

Jollof Rice

We touch base at the British Council then visit Fadimata Alainchar who is from Timbuktu but lives in Freetown as the SL director of Plan (an international children’s charity).

We’re staying at Lacs Villas in Tengbher Town which is next door to the Plan offices. The area is also called Red Pomp after the waterfalls that trickle down the hillsides turning the earth red.

The hotel has beautiful gardens dominated by a Tamarind tree with small red flowers and long seed pods, our corner room looks out onto it. We’ve been trying to organise ourselves and our room but it’s proving difficult.

First the water goes, then the air con stops and we can’t get an internet connection. Then the water comes back on but the electricity goes. When it comes back the internet is working – for 10 minutes.

This goes on all afternoon and Jon is losing his patience, we are both starting to understand why this place is called Lacs, it Lacs water, it Lacs an internet connection, it Lacs electricity and Lacs air con…it was funny at the time.

We go for a walk down to the local crossroads, it’s a typical vibrant Freetown junction. It’s “Golden Time” as photographers sometimes call it, that wonderful part of every sunny day no matter where you are when the sun is low and the colours glow.


We stand for 5 minutes at the junction just watching the world go by and forget about taking photos and workshops.
We’ve found our local, it’s called the Garden of Eden. A high walled bar enclosed from the bustle and with the best soundsystem we’ve heard over here. It’s playing Gram Parsons which is really unusual for Freetown, great to hear some quality American country music in Salone, what a great find.