Mr Jon,, Mr Murray & Mr Simon

Ö are all doing other things. Itís a lot different this time round as Iím not working with the kids (Jon and Murray are) and Simonís here too. I know Jon and Murray are busy making films with the young people, and we check in with each other regularly through the working day, but I feel a bit divorced from their work, where last time I was fully involved. Iím missing that side of it a little to be honest, but naturally have to get on with all the other stuff.

And we all get together and go out together later in the afternoon and throughout the evening.

Simonís probably had the weirdest holiday. Actually, itís been great to have someone around whoís not so involved in the work and has a detached, funny and supportive view of some of the stuff thatís been going on. And there have certainly been some intriguing characters. The place is full of intriguing characters. And like Iíve said before, many things things are not quite as they seem.

Anyway, Iíll shut up. Iím starting to sound like some sort of cod mystic.