Poyo and smiles

As the sun sets we bounce back home, stopping in a village to buy palm wine (Poyo) for 20p a litre in a village built next to the incredibly narrow pipeline that delivers all of the water into Freetown. Darkness falls quickly and we stand around and chat with the kids. I tell some sweet little girls that I have a daughter their age in England, that she’s got white hair and blue eyes and that she’s called Ruby. They smile so brightly. “Is this your pipeline?” I ask them?
“Yes, sah.” they all say, as one.
“Do you give all the water to Freetown?”
“Yes.” they laugh.
“Do you have a tap on this pipe?” I ask them.
“Yes sah.”
“When you have a bath do all the people in Freetown go without water?”
They laugh and laugh.
Hey, I’m a funny guy.
We make their night, give the boys money to buy a football and the girls money for sweets.

Bounce bounce bounce, red dust all the way home. Chinese food on the beach, flat tyre in Aberdeen. Knackered. Bed. I’ll tell you about Monday tomorrow.