Scunthorpe Film Festival

Scouting for locations

Well it’s not long now to the first Scunthorpe Young Persons Film Festival. Its been a true pleasure meeting and working with the budding young film makers from the ‘South Bank’… their enthusiasm and commitment to producing quality films to submit to the first ever film festival in Scunthorpe has really stood out for me.

The films have also been uploaded to and within the first few days of the films going live they had each recieved well over 100 views each. Below are some of the comments left on YouTube :-

“i’ve already sent your vid to friends living in brazil and sweden so they can see a bit of the town ”

“A video about Scunthorpe is well overdue! Well done, must have taken you a long time to put this together! ”

So heres the last film to be uploaded to produced in Epworth – North Lincs by Charlotte, Livvy, Jess, Faith and Caris.

What we thought >>


“These last few days have been a total unknown experience; I came to youth club on Monday not knowing what to expect and now on Wednesday afternoon I know I will remember this for a very long time. Now that I understand whats invloved in making a short film production it makes me look at television in a totally different way.”

Scouting for locations


“The past three days have been great, getting to know how the camera works and how hard it actually is to make a short film. It been a very enjoyable challenge for all of us. I have enjoyed making the film and also editing but most of all watching the film when we completed the final cut. So thankyou to everyone who’s helped make this film, it’s been a great experience for all of us.”