Mission Lodge – Seychelles

Originally uploaded by Jon – Cafesociety.org.

Well we’ve been here about three weeks now, initially enjoying a short 2 week holiday and taking it easy..

But the clocks now ticking and the films we have been comissioned to make need producing. The first film we have been working on is a short piece to introduce the population of Seychelles to the possability of having a university built here on Mahe.

The government have asked us to come over and produce an awareness raising documercial piece to be aired on local tv and also embeded on the Seychelles University Foundation website.

The heat has been unbearable at times, the food for vege’s not always the greatest, the internet has been like watching paint dry but the Guiness export, weighing in at 7.5% surely makes up for the small difficulties we’ve had to deal with.