TilburyPrimary School

I first met Jon a few years ago on a Creative Partnerships course but already knew him by reputation . As a teacher of primary age deaf children I’m always looking for ways of making their learning stimulating and relevant.

Children with a severe or profound hearing loss need to learn primarily visually and kinaesthetically and they lack many of the experiences hearing children take as a matter of course. Film and photography is an ideal medium – it’s visual, immediate and can provide instant access and feedback.

Jon provided the means for a technically inept teacher to involve the children in film making projects. So far he’s worked with us on a film to promote deaf awareness week, a short stop frame animation film about recycling and an ongoing project about how it feels to be a minority group – a deaf child in a hearing school.

Although he can’t sign his easy-going and friendly manner allows him to communicate with the children who all look forward to his visits. The work has helped enormously in giving the children a voice and a sense of pride in what they can achieve.

Sue Fletcher
Deputy Head
Tilbury T.C. Unit Hull