Talking Books project - Tweendykes School // Hull

During 2005 Jon Robson undertook a speaking and listening project at Tweendykes special school in Hull. The project was entitled – Talking Books 

Jon worked with each class in the school to create their own digital film story comprising still photographs and sound. Stories ranged from nursery rhymes to factual documentaries to dramatic historical stories.

The pupils developed the ideas of the story then planned the scenes. Some stories were acted out by the children themselves other were created from puppets or clay models. Each class story became a unique product.

The pupils were taught how to use a digital camera, down load the images onto the software and record sound effects. The project culminated in a whole school film show to which the pupils families were invited.

The pupils were thrilled at the results- and proud with the professional finish of the end product.
Throughout the project the ability of the pupils in using technology exceeded the staff expectations. The pupils were eager and interested to learn.

Jon developed an excellent rappour with everyone in the school community and was able to bring out the best in each pupil.

Throughout Jon led the project with patience , humour and purpose.

The legacy of his work is still alive in the school.  Talking books are a valuable teaching resource. They are made following school trips, special events and to support topic based work. Pupils love to see themselves on a large screen and the stories serve to engage and enliven their language skills.

Berni Dobson – Head teacher Tweendykes school.