School – Lisle Marsden C of E Primary – Grimsby
Brief – Use digital film making techniques to engage keystage 1 and 2 pupils with history


The first phase of the project has been to deliver a keystage 1 / keystage 2 transition project based around digital media and a themed topic area.

The keystage coordinators decided they wanted to use the Great Fire of London as the theme so we planned to create a series of stop frame animation films and news reports based on the timeline of events from the historic event.

Th school had purchased digital still and video cameras along with ‘I can animate’ and Serifs – ‘movie plus x3’ software.

Below are the series of animation films produced by year 2 & 3 pupils.

The ‘Change School’ work has now begun in earnest and all the pupils and staff from Year 2 and Year 3 engaged in a very exciting two week ‘Transition Matters’ project learning about the Fire of London through the exciting use of film and ICT.

Working alongside Jon Robson and Chris Webster, the CP Creative Practitioners from Hull, children discovered through firsthand experience how a topic from the ‘Middle Ages’ can be brought to life through the amazing use of 21st century technology!

As well as having lots of fun and learning of course, this work has much deeper significance! All pupils and staff are mixed; teachers, teaching assistants and children from both Infants and Juniors are working together as one. Planning together, playing together, eating together and learning together! This project forms part of the important transition work that is now a feature of the school.

Transition isn’t simply children moving up in July as one school year ends and then starting again in September with a ‘new’ teacher with all the potential anxiety this can bring. It is about personalisation; getting to know the children, ensuring their needs are met, setting appropriate expectations and smoothing out progression as children move from the Foundation Stage to Year 6 and then finally preparing the way for the children as they move onwards into Key Stage 3!


Creative Partnerships – Hull
Lisle Marsden C of E Primary School – Grimsby.
Kudlian – I Can Animate – easy to use animation sofware for both Mac & PC.
Serif Movie Plus X3 – easy to use video editing software that allowed us to chromakey easily.


This project was funded by Creative Partnerships – Hull