Pupils in year 5 at Lisle Marsden C of E Primary School used photography, film making, script writing skills, adobe premiere and photostory 3 to produce 2 versions of the Easter Story.

Firstly the pupils scripted and story boarded the traditional gospel version of the easter story and acted out the story while taking still images of the scenes, using microsoft photostory the pupils were able to add narration to the film along with a soundtrack.

In the second week of the project, pupils scripted ‘Jerusalem Today’, a tv news station that interviewed key characters in the easter story. Using chroma keying techniques pupils were able to transport themselves in history.

As part of our Creative Partnerships change school project we are working to equip the school with new IT skills and a new creative approach to delivering certain parts of the curriculum. The school wanted to place a heavy emphasis on multi media and the creative use of ICT.