Making photostories - Sutton Park Primary School

When Sutton Park Primary School began to develop a more practical and creative curriculum, no one at the school imagined how media skills would come to play such an important part in building confidence right across the school and accelerating the learning across the curriculum.

Through the support of the Creative Partnerships (Hull), Jon Robson brought filmmaking and his knowledge of new media to staff and pupils alike. His contribution to the establishment of a highly successful creative curriculum is significant.

Initially, through photographs and video evidence, Jon captured the changes taking place in the classroom and later, through creative short films, he led the school into the exciting world of video production that helped to make learning so much more effective and fun.

For example, working with the schools Early Years pupils to develop oracy, he produced a series of film-shorts based on familiar stories and fables.

The children reworked the stories with their own ideas, created storyboards and artwork, before filming and providing the narration. The work really motivated the children and their range of vocabulary and expression was clearly enhanced.

With Year 4 pupils, he was able to demonstrate how video could inspire creative thought and how different techniques could capture mood and setting. Some pupils showed a real flair for such composition.

His work throughout supported staff in appreciating and harnessing the benefits of using new media in the classroom. It enabled them to take the first steps with their own classes so that pupils could demonstrate their learning through the use of creative video.

In each case, his relaxed manner in the classroom cloaked an expertise that achieved results efficiently and beyond expectation.

Geoff Groom

Ex Headteacher  Sutton Park Primary