School – Barmby On The Marsh
Brief – Work with pupils on a photographic literacy project and produce a book

We worked with Barmby On The Marsh pupils to produce a major photography exhibition and accompanying coffe table photo book. The project required the pupils to research their village, past, present and future. Local villagers visited the school with stories from the olden days while others brought in old sepia photographs from the turn of the century.

Pupils diary entries during the project

– Matthew


Everyone in Barmby school went in to Barmby village with Jon. He taught us how to use a camera, a digital camera. He was a bit funny and Jon is really nice. I’m glad he is worcking with us all term,Im really exited.

– Jay

around Barmby

Last Tuesday we all met Jon. We went with Jon around Barmby with the cameras. He told us how to use them and respect them. He showed us how to use the touch screen, macro mode and panaramic mode.

My favourite picture was a picture of Guy and an old tractor. It was fun and I really liked doing it.

Winter snow in Barmby

– Shannon

Last week on the 12th ofr january Ks2 class learned how to use a camera. A man named Jon came in and tought us the potential of a camera.

We went out in to Barmby village and took photos of the village, chapel and in the cemetary. We were split in to groups i was in a group with Bryony, Natalie and Anna. One of our best pictures was of a wax flower thet Bryony smudged in to the snow to make it look nice.

Anna took the picture. After we’d been out we came back to school and looked at the pictures we’d taken. Over lunch Jon edited them when we came in from play we looked at the newly edited photos. I will keep the moments of the snow and also remember the gorgeous pictures we all took.

– Elizabeth

Horse in Barmby

Last week Jon Robson came in to teach us about film and photography . We went into barmby and took pictures of things we found interesting . In Barmby snow fell on the ground . The best pictures I took was of the horses . from now on i will keep on taking phtos because that lesson inspired me.

Here is one of my photographs of a horse in the village.

– Bryony

Old Window - Barmby

On tuesday the 12th of January the KS2 class learnt how to use a camera to achieve its maximum reasults. We were introduced to the upcoming project. Jon came into school and showed us the basic technuiqes we’d be using. He aslo showed us some of the work other children and school had made.

We then met him again on the 12th of january,this was when he taught us how to use all the different settings to use in different situations.

Our best photo in my opinion was a wax rose from the church that has small flakes of snow on that just added to the effect. We did this when we took a small trip into Barmby to find interesting and unique pictures that represent what and where Barmby is!!!

– Anna

Frosted Rose

Last week on the 12th January KS2 of Barmby Primary school went on a walk around the village. We separated into groups with a camera each. Our target was to achieve many creative photos that are exclusive to Barmby, describing the neighbourhood.

It just happened that we went out after the snow had fallen, which captured a moment that was very different to many winter photos from past years. Barmby has never seen so much snow! Jon the photographer showed us the basics of a digital camera, macro, landscape and panorama mode.

The best photo I took was a wax rose from a grave in the locl church, frost had settled on it and close up it was beautiful! The trip inspired me and from now on, I will capture every great moment I take part in on camera!