Students from 8 local schools in Hull are undertaking the first Diploma teaching of the IT Diploma in the City Learning Centres in Hull.

IT Diploma

On the day of the visit the 29 students at the CLC in East Hull were enjoying an exciting session with Jon Robson from the IT/Media company Café Society, Jon talked to the students about updating blogsites , adding photographs and enabling zooming in and out of the images demonstrating usability. He talked about being self employed and the importance of marketing yourself, using Youtube and his blog using WordPress as 24 hour marketing tools. On his site he showed the students the 200 videos he had sited there, which had been viewed some 375,000 times all together, and had gained feedback, comments and possible work from this.

He showed students how to pull video clips from YouTube into their own websites/blogs. In addition he looked at the integration of Google earth into their sites to demonstrate geographical locations, with interlinks to videoclips flagged up by the country. Jon said the students have the equipment and ability to record, upload to the web and edit as a filmmaker. He told the students “you are at an amazing time for the development of IT –there is plenty of money and many jobs within this exciting environment”.

Students were asked why they had chosen the diplomas over regular GCSEs and responses included “it is not all classroom work there is more practical work to it”, “you get more qualifications for a Diploma”, and it is a fun way to help you for the future”, “we get a laptop each”. When asked about what skills the Diploma helped students develop, such as communication, team working, creative thinking etc, one student added that the Diploma had improved her social skills as the group had students from other schools who she probably would not have engaged with had they not been part of that course together.

Students commented on the fact that many jobs for tomorrow involved IT and felt the IT Diploma would give them that solid platform in IT within business and equip them more fully for employment generally.

They found Jon’s session very exciting and interesting helping them to use their mobile phones as IT/media tools, next session would include taking audio from their mobiles using Bluetooth to update their websites using the free software Audacity.

Sally Hill, Training Manager Hull CLC and Hull IT Diploma Champion said “This is an interesting and exciting time for students and staff involved in the pilot IT Diploma in Hull, there is plenty of scope for students to shape their education and develop personal skills that will become key to them gaining employment and moving into Further Education. Involvement from local employers is a key part of the Diplomas, students will work and study alongside employers, training organisations and partners from other institutions to form a city wide collaboration”.