For two days this week I have been working at Cavendish Primary School in Hull with Year 6 pupils as part of Hull City Arts Unit – Artists in School programme.

We have been creating very small animations using the software – ‘I can Animate’.

Each group of pupils had an hour to come up with a storyline, script, sound effects and backgrounds.
The pupils rose very well to the challenge and below are examples of the films they produced under pressure.

What the pupils thought

“Our group decided to make an animation about walking to school. We used Playmobil characters as our actors and added sound effects to make it look more realistic. It took a long time, about an hour to do just 20 seconds of animation, but it was very good in the end.” – Amelia

“Firstly our story was abased on ‘Princess and the Pea’. We made a storyboard to help plan our ideas and used card and felt tips to make our props. After we set up our props, Jon showed us how to make animations, bit by bit… and then he let us do it ourselves. Overall I had a really good day and so did the whole class. In the end our film was very good.” – Eleanor

“Our group had a great time doing the animation workshop. We made a short film called ‘The Big Fight’ using Playmobil characters and took about 197 frames using software on Jons laptop, it was great fun adding the sound effects to our finished film.” – Callum

“Today Jon came to our school and started by showing us videos he has been making with other young people then he told us to think of some ideas for a mini animation film. We thought about ideas and planned in our group what we do. We took a picture and moved our figures then took another picture and moved our figures… then after around 250 shots we had a mini 20 second film. Jon helped us to add some sound effects and music to our film. It was a great day and I learnt lots of news things about animation and film making.” – Robyn