School – Elloughton Primary School
Brief – To produce a photography book with year 5 pupils


Our year long Africa project came about through a series of happy coincidences during the spring of 2009. The Local Authority contacted our school regarding a research project into a local Methodist Minister who had gone to South Africa as a missionary in the eighteenth century and formed the first multi-racial Methodist Church in the country.

We then formed links with Dr. Nick Evans from Hull University and WISE as well as participating in the ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ project.

All of this centred on a need to revitalise our whole school curriculum.
Meetings were held and very quickly a small team of staff had planned a whole years work, whole school! We were on our way…

A year later the Clipper yachts we had waved off had returned, our Flat Stanley’s had travelled the world, lessons had been taught on two continents, links set up, friends made, a major whole school performance enthusiastically completed, art work displayed, every genre of writing practised, distances measured, children exhilarated and staff exhausted and that was only the last term!

This book shows a small sample of some of that work.