Millie – macro photography

Some of us did Green Screen Technology and some of us did Macro photography. I did Macro photography. Macro means really close up photos. We went to Duckingham palace that is down CarrLane. We took photos of some flowers and we saw all the details. To get your camera on to macro you need to put it on the tulip. Jon took his big camera and Mrs Dennis took her small camera.

When you go out to take Macro photographs you look for interesting patterns and other details. We all had a go on the Nikon camera and the small Olympus camera.

George – Macro photography

On Wednesday Jon took us outside and we took Macro photographsand we saw Duckingham Palace.

Macro photographs are when you take very close up pictures. The macro sign on the camera is a tulip. We looked for things with lots of detail like the dog sign on the ground that I took. We all had a go with both of the cameras. They were both easy to use. We had to listen for a beep to show that we had taken a photo.

Harris found lots and lots of things to take.

Ella – macro photography

We split in to three one groups, group did Macro photography the other to groups did green screening when we were taking pictures we did it close up we tuck pictures of fancy fences and flowers and Duckingham palace.

Charlie – macro photography

This week weve been split into three groups and weve been doing different jobs. We did Macro photography. Macro photography is when you take a photo close up. We took interesting photos. Harris was good at spotting things to take pictures of. We went to Duckingham palace and we took a photo of it.

On the way back we took a picture of the tree trunk. I took a picture of a curled up leaf. Mrs. Dennis loved the pictures we took. It was fun doing Macro photography. After we got back to school everyone saw our pictures that we took.

The snowdrop was my favourite picture. You could see the tiny drops of water hanging from the petals.

Macro photography – Antonia

We did Macro photography yesterday. We took photographs close up. You need to turn the picture of a tulip. Mrs Dennis took her little camera too and Jon took the big camera . We went to Duckingam palace. When you take close up pictures you need to look for small details. My favourite was the picture of the snowdrops.