In year 5 we have been doing about microbes (Micro-Organisms) and learning about were microbes are in our world. Microbes are in the air, in our lungs, in our clothes and I our food. To test this we have been learning about yoghurts, because they have microbes inside them. We are making yoghurts and testing when they are going to go mouldy. As part of the project we did some radio adverts about them.

Creative Partnership came in and we did some radio recording and editing. Jon is the technical man who helped us study and design the logo for our yoghurt. Trevor is the guy who helped us with our scripts, he helped us with our grammar and the way we pronounced our words. Dave is the man we had never seen before. He helped us to record and edit our scripts in radio adverts.

Our yoghurt’s name was Yo Go and a little of our script was that its low in fat and it tastes good. Dave used a digital recorder and he could hear the printer from about 9 metres away. Bailey, Kieran and Bethany were really good at it and I was there to do the script. Today was a very technical day for me but I enjoyed it. I also liked the way Dave showed us how to put on music and delete the mistakes. We sounded  very adult and smart.

But overall the best part had to be the part were we all worked together and worked as a team. If Jon and Trevor were not there we would be a wreck but they were there with Dave. It was the best radio advert I have ever heard.

Dinah year5