As part of my Creative Partnerships ‘Change School’ project at Wheeler Primary School in Hull I worked 1-1 with staff providing valuable CPD sessions in digital media. Year 6 had wanted to produce a science resource using stop frame animation so working alongside the staff and pupils I helped them get to grips with the excellent software application – I Can Animate.

Here is their finished film. They are very proud of what they achieved. Below are some of their thoughts about the project and process.

“In our science work this term, we have been learning about the water cycle. We have put all our knowledge together to create an animation about the water cycle.
First we created four backgrounds and we chose which one we thought looked best. After that we split the animation into eight parts which meant everybody could join in. Everybody had to make what they needed for their part.

In order for us to create an animation we needed to take lots of pictures. So we sellotaped our chosen background to the table and called the first group over. They had to take lots of pictures but eventually we had finished taking all the pictures and we were ready to put the pictures together.
As we watched the animation we were proud of what we had created.
Here is what we thought of the film making process.

‘It was fun to do, and watch but we had to be really patient. We all enjoyed it.’ – Chloe

‘We had to be really patient and make sure that our fingers didn’t get in the way.’ – Harry

‘We could not knock the table because it would completely ruin the animation film.’ Lauren Carter

‘We had a lot of fun but we had to make sure that we were sensible at all times!’-Megan Jordan.

‘We had to be careful around the picture and could not knock it. The best part off the film for me is the part of precipitation.’-Niamh Malton.

‘I was part of precipitation. I really enjoyed preparing for our animation, it took a lot of effort to create this masterpiece.’- Ellie Parish.

‘My part was drainage, me and the class have formed together a classic film. It took a load of effort and a great amount of concentration.’- Owen Vollans.

‘I had to be careful, because I knocked the picture and the table at the same time.’-Abdallah Sati.

‘I had to be careful not to knock the table and I had to move the sun a little bit at a time and it was brilliant.’ The movie will be great. Charlie Trott.

‘When I was animating the sea it was very hard because there was a great big tripod in the way of my knees and I had to be careful not to knock it and there was a table in front of me so most of all it was very hard. TRUST ME THE FILM IS TERMENDOUS OK!! Paul Lowson.